Erectile Dysfunction

Tackling erectile dysfunction has never been easier. We offer several safe and effective medications to help you deal with ED and enjoy a fulfilling, satisfying sex life.

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Erectile dysfunction treatment

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the persistent difficulty of achieving and maintaining an erection through the duration of sexual intercourse. Men can experience erectile dysfunction at any age, but it is more prevalent in older men. While occasional symptoms are normal, recurring issues can be addressed with a custom plan to relieve symptoms.

What ED treatments are there?

Dealing with ED can be a frustrating process. Luckily, several safe and effective medications are available to help you deal with ED and enjoy a fulfilling, satisfying sex life. These include well-known ED compounded medications, as well as newer treatment options that include PT-141 peptide therapy and the Man Shot™.

Erectile dysfunction

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, the inability to get or keep an erection during sexual activity, happens when the penile erection chambers fail to generate and maintain the high pressures that characterize a fully hard erection. Usually, sexual stimulation is enough to get things going, but men with ED have trouble staying firm through ejaculation. Lots of things can contribute, like age, high blood pressure (hypertension), vascular disease, multiple sclerosis, stress, certain antidepressants, certain spinal cord injuries and more.

Can ED medication help?

Yes, the good news is ED drugs, PDE5 inhibitors that are prescription medications, have been clinically proven to be effective treatments for ED. Wondering about side effects, an underlying cause, or an underlying condition? Find out if ED medication is right for you by getting medical advice from our expert providers through our healthcare platform, without any of the stress of an in-person visit.

ED treatment

PDE5 inhibitors

PDE5 inhibitors are a group of medications most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). They are often the first treatment option for people with ED caused by poor blood flow to the penis. They can help males achieve and sustain an erection, especially if the underlying cause is physiological.

Peptide therapy

PT-141 The “Sex Peptide”

PT-141, or Bremelanotide, is a peptide therapy treatment for both men and women. In men, PT-141 can boost arousal and treat ED and premature ejaculation. For women, PT-141 is sometimes referred to as “female Viagra” as it is an effective alternative to Cialis and Viagra.

Regenerative Therapy

The Man Shot™

The Man Shot™ boosts male sexual function and treats male erectile concerns such as erectile dysfunction, size and shape issues, and erection-related pain. It works for men with sexual dysfunction issues and healthy men who desire a boost.

Schedule a consultation to learn about erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments.

Schedule a consultation to learn about erectile dysfunction treatments

If you’re in search of sexual wellness treatments in the Indianapolis, IN area, get in touch with the professionals at Bion Aesthetics and Med Spa. We provide top-of-the-line ED treatments to get you feeling and performing your best. Schedule a same day or next day appointment by calling 317-797-9139.

Frequently asked questions

What is erectile dysfunction?2023-04-23T15:47:28-04:00

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is when it is hard to get or keep an erection that’s firm enough for sex.

How do you know if you have erectile dysfunction?2023-04-23T16:42:11-04:00
Symptoms of ED include:
  1. Difficulty getting an erection.
  2. Difficulty maintaining an erection long enough for sexual intimacy.
  3. Having erections that are not hard enough for penetration.
  4. Loss of erection after penetration.
  5. Unsatisfactory intercourse.
When do men start experiencing erectile dysfunction?2023-04-23T16:31:35-04:00

ED can happen at any age, but it’s more common in older men. By the time a man is in his 40s, he has about a 40% chance of having experienced ED. That risk increases by about 10% for each decade of life—a 50% chance in his 50s, a 60% chance in his 60s, and so on (Ferrini, 2017).

How long can the average man stay erect?2023-04-23T16:33:13-04:00
Typically, an average erection may last from a few minutes to roughly half an hour. However, this can vary significantly due to the many factors that can affect erection duration. It is also worth noting that a person does not need an erection to achieve orgasm.
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