Sleep is fundamental to our health and wellbeing. It’s the time when our bodies repair and reset. So it’s hardly surprising that sleep deprivation is linked to chronic health problems. A lack of sleep can interfere with our mood, immune system, productivity, and hormones. It can sabotage our efforts to lose weight by increasing hunger, increasing fat storage and creating insulin resistance. This, in turn, increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The good news is a peptide called DSIP (Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide) can help restore disturbed sleep patterns and help you attain a more restful nights sleep.

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What is DSIP peptide?

DSIP is a well-known neuromodulator and natural sleep-promoting nonapeptide with many other physiologic functions. Discovered and researched for over 40 years, it is typically found in the brain and easily passes the blood-brain barrier.

DSIP has been used for the treatment of poor sleep, pain conditions, stress-related symptoms, low testosterone (via stimulation of LH), and even sometimes as an antioxidant. It exhibits a pronounced stress protective action and decreases stress-induced metabolic and functional disorders in human and animal organisms exposed to a variety of stresses. Further, it has also been shown in research to improve hormone levels and physical performance.

DSIP benefits

Here’s an overview of potential DSIP benefits:

  • Restores disturbed sleep patterns
  • Promotes LH and GH release
  • Reduces persistent/chronic pain
  • Modulates cortisol production

Sleep benefits

DSIP has been described as a sleep-promoting substance rather than a sedative. There is a modulating effect on sleep and wake functions with greater activity in circumstances where sleep is disturbed.

There are essentially 5 stages of sleep, these can be broken down into 2 categories: REM and NREM sleep. Many sleep aids change the time or duration of these sleep cycles. The problem with this is these cycles are all associated with important physiological processes and anabolic hormone production. DSIP does not change sleep stages. It increases the ability to go to sleep and offers a more restful sleep.

Hormone benefits

DSIP is involved in neuroendocrine regulation and release of anterior pituitary hormones. In humans, DSIP influences the secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), luteinizing hormone (LH) and growth hormone (GH). It also plays a role in the regulation of circadian rhythms.

Administration of DSIP seems to improve the hormone production/regulation in these glands. For example, it increases LH and growth hormone production while decreasing somatostatin. This results in increased production of desirable hormones (LH, GH), and decreased the production of undesirable ones (cortisol and somatostatin).

Application method

DSIP comes in the form of an oral troche.

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This peptide is no longer available due to the FDA ruling on Category 2 of the Bulk Substances Nominated Under Sections 503A or 503B of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

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