Semax peptide therapy

Developed in Russia, Semax is an experimental drug that was originally developed to prevent and treat circulatory disorders. It has also been identified as a “nootropic” or “cognitive enhancer.”

Annamarie Salyer FNP-C is a peptide therapy specialist at Bion Aesthetics and Med Spa in Indianapolis, IN offering Semax for patients near Greenwood, IN, Carmel, IN, and Fishers, IN. She offers a wide variety of cutting edge peptide therapy treatments. She can help you find the right treatment for your unique needs.

What is Semax?

Semax is a peptide best known for its nootropic, neuroprotective, and neurogenic/neurorestorative properties. It was developed based on the molecular structure of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). Preliminary research in cells, animal and small-scale human trials show potential benefits and uses of Semax.

In the U.S. and around the world, Semax is the basis for a number of drugs that are used in clinical practice for the treatment of CNS diseases (ischemic brain stroke, dys-circulatory encephalopathy, optic nerve atrophy, etc.) and to enhance adaptability under extreme conditions in healthy persons.

Potential uses of Semax

This peptide is often prescribed for:

  • Anti-thrombosis
  • ADHD
  • Learning
  • Gastric protection
  • Physical exertion
  • Improvement of pain
  • Metal toxicities

Potential benefits of Semax

Some of the potential benefits of Semax may include:

  • Increases attention and short-term memory
  • Improves Non-proliferative Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Can help during recovery from Stroke Hypoxia
  • Improves Glaucoma Optic Neuropathy
  • May act as an Analgesic (pain reliever) by inhibiting Enkephalin breakdown
  • Can be helpful in the treatment of ADHD
  • Nootropic (cognitive-enhancing) effects
  • Neuroprotection: may help protect the brain from various types of stress and damage

How it works

Semax increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels. BDNF is among the most active neurotrophins, which are chemicals that help to stimulate and control neurogenesis, the birth of new neurons in the brain.

BDNF has been shown to play a role in neuroplasticity, which allows nerve cells in the brain to compensate for injury and adapt to new situations or changes in the environment. Basically, BDNF helps to support the survival of existing neurons and encourages the growth, regeneration, and creation of new neurons and synapses.

Semax also helps reduce the breakdown of enkephalins. Enkephalins are mainly involved in decreasing pain, reducing inflammation, preventing abnormal cell growth, and increasing immune cell activity. They also play a role in memory, learning, emotional behavior, and pain. Balanced enkephalins levels are needed to maintain normal brain function. These early findings have led some researchers to suggest that Semax may have some potential as a pain reliever, although much more research would be needed to confirm these preliminary cell-based findings.

Based on what Semax can do for brain function and health, its capabilities as a treatment option are continually being developed.

Research findings

In one clinical trial, 100 patients recovering from an ischemic stroke added Semax to their conventional recovery therapy. It was reported to accelerate the restoration of damaged brain functions — especially movement-related symptoms. In another trial of almost 200 people with reduced brain blood flow (“cerebrovascular insufficiency”), it was reported that Semax reduced overall brain damage and could potentially reduce the risk of additional future strokes. Semax was generally well-tolerated and caused relatively few side-effects.

Other studies focused on optic nerve disease reported that patients using Semax, when combined with other anti-inflammatory treatments, may have helped reduce the progression and severity of optic nerve disease.

Application method

Semax comes in the form of a nasal spray which is administered daily.

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