Natural Hair Restoration

PRP Hair Restoration

If you have noticed thinning hair, a growing bald patch or more visible parting of your hair, you are not alone. Millions of people are experiencing some form of hair loss. With PRP hair restoration, there is now a non-surgical, hair restoration treatment option for growing new hair and preventing hair loss.

How does it work?

Hair restoration utilizes natural biologics taken from the patient’s own blood. Injected into the treatment area, it may stimulate hair growth and thickness, as well as protect hair follicles from prematurely shedding. It may also increase hair thickness and density. Further, it may trigger hair growth by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle.

PRP hair restoration

Who is a good candidate?

Individuals with early hair loss are good candidates for this hair loss treatment. Further, people with alopecia are typically good candidates for this procedure. Lastly, individuals with areas of weak quality hair follicles often experience positive outcomes with this PRP hair restoration treatment.

PRP Hair Treatment


The treatment takes approximately one hour. It begins by numbing the treatment area. Next, a small sample of blood is taken from the patient and growth factors are separated out using a centrifuge. Next, the growth factors are drawn up into a syringe and then injected into areas of the scalp that need increased hair growth.

PRP hair loss procedure

Is there any downtime?

One of the key advantages of the PRP hair restoration procedure is that it’s a zero-downtime treatment. It has minimal side effects. However, every individual reacts differently to injection therapies. Patients can resume all normal activities almost immediately. They can even shower and wash their hair several hours later.

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