Medical Services

Cutting edge medical rejuvenation services that give you what you need to feel your very best.

Get your sex life back

Sexual Wellness

Individuals can face sexual wellness issues as they grow older. An active and healthy sex life is important to your relationship and overall health. The truth is there are many factors that affect men’s and women’s sexual health.

If you are experiencing a challenging intimate life with your partner, schedule an appointment. We have helped individuals of all ages experiencing sexual dysfunction with safe and unique treatments designed to provide positive benefits.

Rebalance your hormones

Testosterone Therapy

As men age, it’s natural to lose strength, energy, and libido. In the past, these symptoms were an unavoidable part of getting older — however, today science has found a way to slow down the aging process and restore youthful functionality, giving men of every age an opportunity to live their best life. The secret is rebalancing the body’s hormones.

Lose those pounds

Medical Weight Loss

If you’re ready to be at your ideal weight, our personalized weight loss plan can help you get there. Using a scientific medical weight loss approach that considers your specific body’s needs, we will guide you through a custom plan step-by-step, making sure you hit your goals.

Bion Core™

Bion Core™

Optimize your health with Bion Core™, a health optimization program for improving your overall health using comprehensive, data-driven methods and cutting-edge treatments.

Repair and regenerate

Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative therapy is one of the most popular and innovative cosmetic and medical treatments. This is due to its natural method and exciting results. The procedure takes your own blood, concentrates its healing properties, and re-injects it back into you. This stimulates cellular repair and regeneration in the area of concern.

Advanced testing

Lab Testing

Some health problems are easy to understand and treat, while others seem to make your healthcare provider play a guessing game. That’s where functional medicine lab tests come in.

Improve your health

Vitamin Injections

We can get our vitamins through food or oral supplements, but there’s actually an even better way to get them: vitamin injections. Fast and effective, vitamin injections deliver a powerful, concentrated dose of vitamins to improve your health, well-being, and appearance. Much like Vitamin IV Therapy, vitamin injections make an effective addition to your regular health and/or beauty regimen.

Address vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Vitamin IV Therapy

Vitamin IV Therapy describes the process of administering nutrients or fluids directly into the bloodstream. The precise combination of fluids, vitamins, and minerals varies. Clients receive immediate, dramatic effects after receiving a Vitamin IV infusion. With this treatment, 100% of the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids move directly into the bloodstream to maximize results.