While it’s not an issue that many women choose to talk about, over 40% of American women are affected by some form of sexual dysfunction. Additionally, 18% suffer from urinary incontinence. Fortunately, there is a simple way to combat these often embarrassing issues. The V-Shot for women is a healthy way to treat urinary incontinence and/or sexual dysfunction using an injection of enriched plasma in order to restore vaginal health. Annamarie Salyer FNP-C at Bion Aesthetics and Med Spa is highly experienced in administering the V-Shot™ for our patients in Indianapolis, IN,

What is the V-Shot?

The V-Shot™ for women is a safe, injectable treatment that utilizes enriched plasma to stimulate new cell growth. This enhances the function of the cells and the blood flow of the clitoris and vaginal walls. This, in turn, boosts the number of cells in these areas, as well as their responsiveness to stimulation. This treatment is available at Bion Aesthetics and Med Spa and is suitable for women of virtually any age. Additionally, it is ideal for clients, regardless of whether or not they have undergone hormone replacement therapy.

Benefits of the V-Shot for Women

Sexual dysfunction can cause not only the inability to perform but also a lack of desire. Many of our clients in Indianapolis, IN have found that the V-Shot™ can strengthen marriages that may have been suffering due to this lack of physical intimacy. Not only this, but it has also been shown to provide support to women experiencing leaking and other effects of urinary incontinence.

In general, patients treated with the V-Shot™ notice:

  1. Enhanced urinary function
  2. Tighter vaginal skin
  3. Increased stimulation
  4. More easily achieved orgasms
  5. Improved vaginal dryness
  6. Heightened sexual desire
  7. Reduced pain during intercourse and more enjoyable sex

How does the V-Shot work?

As with most injectable treatments, the V-Shot for women is quick, simple, and yields fast results. Before the procedure begins, Annamarie Salyer FNP-C will draw a sample of your blood. This extraction is then inserted into a centrifuge in order to distill the blood sample into the serum that will be used in the injection itself.

While this is taking place, she will apply a numbing cream to the injection site to ensure a comfortable client experience. Once the cream has taken full effect, the enriched plasma will be injected directly into the clitoris and vaginal tissue. In total, this process lasts around an hour and a half, but the treatment itself usually takes about 10 – 15 minutes.

Results will differ from patient to patient. However, most women will start to notice a difference within only a few days or weeks. In the first week after the procedure, there is usually an improvement in the volume of the treatment area, which often makes sex more enjoyable.

More improvement will gradually be made over the next 2 – 4 weeks, with the peak results usually being noticeable between six weeks and three months after the injection. For the most part, results will usually last for about a year.

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Do you live near Greenwood, IN, Carmel, IN or Fishers, IN, and want to find out more about the V-Shot™? If so, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Annamarie Salyer FNP-C at Bion Aesthetics and Med Spa in Indianapolis, IN to determine if this sexual dysfunction treatment is right for you.

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