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Are you ready to increase your sexual pleasure? Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Is the V-Shot right for me? If so, why not try the V-Shot? Women in Indianapolis, IN, Greenwood, IN, and Carmel, IN who undergo the V-Shot can experience improved sexual relations with greater stimulation, heightened sensitivity, and increased sex drive. Also, the V-Shot can help control urinary incontinence caused by both stress and the urge to go.

Annamarie Salyer FNP-C is a medical aesthetics specialist with Bion Aesthetics and Med Spa in Indianapolis, IN. She offers the revolutionary V-Shot and other sexual wellness treatments to women seeking to enhance their sex lives.

Is the V-Shot right for me?

If you are a woman wondering if the V-Shot is right for your particular needs, then consider the following:

  • Do you want to increase your sex drive?
  • Are you seeking to improve your orgasms?
  • Do you want to increase your vaginal lubrication?
  • Are you struggling to cope with urinary incontinence?
  • Is sex painful?
  • Has your vagina started to show signs of atrophy?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the V-Shot might be the perfect choice for you.

Understanding the V-Shot procedure

The first step in undergoing an V-Shot is to have Annamarie Salyer FNP-C at Bion Aesthetics and Med Spa in Indianapolis, IN extract a small amount of your blood, which is then put into a centrifuge. The serum is then curated and placed into a syringe. A numbing solution is injected into your vaginal area. The V-Shot is then administered directly to the clitoris, G-spot, and vagina. The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes. There is no downtime, and you can return to your normal life afterward. You can also indulge in sexual intercourse within 1 – 2 days following the injections.

The V-Shot can tighten the vaginal canal and treat urinary incontinence. It can also increase the strength of your orgasms and improve lubrication. The injections rely on your own natural biologics.

You can enjoy the benefits of the V-Shot for about 1 – 2 years. It can help improve your libido, sexual wellness, and overall health. You will need to undergo follow-up visits with Annamarie Salyer FNP-C to maintain your health and ensure that the V-Shot continues to function.

How does the V-Shot work?

You are probably wondering how the V-Shot works. It depends on the body’s ability to heal and rejuvenate. After the injection of the serum into the vagina and vaginal region, your body will automatically start going through a complete regeneration process.

The entire procedure is similar to the popular Man Shot™, which also relies on a small amount of your own blood that is run through a centrifuge and re-injected into the penis. The V-Shot triggers the body’s own cell regeneration factors so that new, healthier vaginal tissue starts to develop in the area.

As you age, your body’s production of hormones dips due to menopause. The lack of estrogen causes your vaginal tissue to thin and atrophy. Sex can become painful, and you will experience less lubrication. The cells in the area simply do not regenerate the way that they did before menopause. Most women find it difficult to become aroused or achieve orgasm. Urinary continence also starts to occur as your pelvic region loses elasticity. The V-Shot rejuvenates the entire area, which helps to improve your sex life and ability to control your urine.

Schedule a consultation today for the V-Shot in Indianapolis, IN

If you live near Greenwood, IN, Carmel, IN, or Fisher, IN and would like to learn more about the V-Shot, contact Annamarie Salyer FNP-C at Bion Aesthetics and Med Spa in Indianapolis, IN to schedule a consultation. She will meet with you to privately discuss your particular needs and concerns to determine if the V-Shot might prove beneficial.

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